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AMC dumb -- but not censoring...

This morning's Reuters/Hollywood Reporter Article on AMC not playing ARISTOCRATS points out how dumb AMC is, and has nothing to do with censorship.

ARISTOCRATS is a film from Penn (of Penn & Teller) that has hundreds of comedians telling the world's most filthy joke. The movie has no nudity or violence, but would be rated well past NC-17 if ThinkFilm would submit it to the MPAA. As it is, ThinkFilm will not rate it and theatre chains will have to deal with this film carefully.

Now back to Censorship... A theatre chain's decision to not play a film is not censorship. Theatre chains decide to not play films all the time -- this is normal. ThinkFilm (while I love what they do for the indie market) is way off base on this one. Movie exhibitors are not the library or other public service -- they're businesses. Businesses make decisions to use one product and not another all the time. Cafe's carries certain coffee and not others. Gas stations carry certain candy and not other. Restaurants serve certain food and not others. No one is complaining that these businesses are censoring -- that would be crazy. The same is true with movie chains. They can't play all the films all the time -- ThinkFilm is simply wrong to attack AMC.

That said.... AMC is really dumb for not just playing the silly film in Atlanta and Chicago (liked planned) and then declining further runs of the film.

Oh, well. I guess if you want to watch ARISTOCRATS at a large theatre chain location, you can always see it at one of Regal's Cinema Art theatres.
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