indie_film_geek (indie_film_geek) wrote,

Best Head Shot in the Biz

Well, I was a bit disappointed last night when we sat down and watched Bruce Campbell's THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, which is based on his book about an American businessman who ends up sharing part of his brain with a Bulgarian taxi driver. Now, mind you, I am a fan of campy tales of the crypt style films, but this movie simply falls extremely short of entertaining. The acting was bad (and not bad on purpose bad... just bad). The pacing was terribly slow, and it lacked all the wit and creativity of, say, BUBBA HO-TEP.

Now that I have made every Bruce Campbell fan angry, let me mention the following:
IF you are a die-hard Campbell fan, then catching one of his book-signings/screenings would be a great way to spend an evening. Bruce is extremely friendly and outgoing with this fans and it may be worth the two hours of boredom to get your 'Making Love the Bruce Campbell Way' book signed.

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