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Just when you least expect it -- Erik Estrada!

I understand that my job revolves around independent films and filmmakers. And God bless 'em for putting forth the kind of effort necessary to create a full length feature film. But some subject matter is just not acceptable for any screen (let alone the big screen).

Today I got a VHS screener and poster for the following feature presentation:

Oriental Delights Entertainment Co.
with Felix Johnston and The San Diego World Student Youth Group
AMERICA, WE SALUTE THE MILITARY with Preview of Beauties

I don't know what's more disturbing... The group shot of Erik on a motorcycle with the asian beauties in front of an American Flag or the rather random line: "Certain % of Ticket Sales will be Donated to Public Library in Your Area."

Well, of course, this inspired me to check out the Erik Estrada 'official' website (see below):

There's no mention of his newest project (this thing with the Oriental Beauties), but there's plenty of MIDI music and pin-up photos... So, that leaves me very leery of this so called tribute film.

There's only one way to find out, of course, but I would rather push pins in my eyes than to watch this movie, so I guess we'll never know...
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