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Hollywood Premieres and Indie Films...

It's been a crazy 10 days! DUKES OF HAZARD is finally opened and all of the activities surrounding it are done...

Yes, my job is 'indie' film, but I totally got volunteered as extra help on DUKES. Lots of catering and many limos later, what I find amazing is that professional people (who have been in the 'business' for years) still get ga-ga over 'celebrity.' I mean these people have seen all kinds of Hollywood stars... So, how can they really get that excited about meeting Jessica Simpson?


I saw a few films last week... We caught SKYHIGH, WEDDING CRASHERS, STEALTH and UNDEAD. UNDEAD was a fun low-budget campy horror film from down-under. If you like ARMY OF DARKNESS-style films, this zombie flick will be your cup of tea.

We also just saw an advanced screening of Sony's THUMBSUCKER. It's a very beautifully shot movie about a high school kid whose attempts to fit in, mirror his constant fight to end his thumbsucking habit. I could comment, but trueseven sums up my thoughts on this and many other films of the GARDEN STATE variety perfectly: "It's very teen-angsty and if you're young enough to be going through that whole thing, I don't think you can fully appreciate the film, but if you're old enough to appreciate it, it seems a little silly to still be fixated on teen-angst and just time to move the hell on."


Great quote today from a life-long Hollywood insider about the film 2046: "The difference between erotic and pornographic is lighting."
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