indie_film_geek (indie_film_geek) wrote,

The Dirtiest Joke Ever Told

So, yesterday I finally screened THE ARISTOCRATS.

Without showing one frame of violence or nudity, this film is by far the most heinously offensive movie you will ever watch… and a total MUST see!

This film is one of the most intriguing films I’ve seen all year. It is a study of the obscene. It is a study in humor and the origins of telling jokes. It is a study of the comedic mind (or perhaps sickness). But first and foremost, it’s a good movie. It’s filled with more names than I can list, it has the very best bits from all parties interviewed, and it’s brilliantly edited. The audience that saw it with me (that didn’t leave after ten minutes) left with red faces and sides that ached due to laughing our asses off!

That said, this film is not for everyone. Anyone that is even mildly offended by foul language and/or descriptions of bodily functions, bestiality, incest and every other type of human perversion and abuse should stay at home.

However, if these things sound like a great set up for the world’s dirtiest joke, step right up – warning: the front rows may get a bit messy.


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